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Jake Jun Qiao, Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), Member of Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT). Please contact me for any financial planning inquires.


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Planned Giving Using Life Insurance

A carefully arranged planned gift can be tax effective, and at the same time balance your needs and your family's.

Planned giving using life insurance is an effective strategy that can work for you if:
- You have a desire to support a charitable organization.
- You're interested in multiplying your current annual bequest.
- You have an interest in managing current or future tax obligations.
- You want to preserve your estate
A carefully arranged planned gift can be tax effective, while simultaneously balancing your needs and your family’s. It can allow you to leave a lasting personal legacy or provide your favourite charity with level ongoing contributions over a specific time period without significantly reducing the estate available to your heirs or jeopardizing your future financial independence. 
A permanent life insurance plan can allow you to accumulate cash value growth inside the life insurance policy, within certain legislative limits, without paying income tax on the growth. Cash withdrawals are subject to taxation based on the rates and rules in effect at the time you withdraw the funds. The death benefit is paid to the beneficiary of your choice tax-free upon death.
Is planned giving using life insurance right for you? It depends...
Do you want to maximize the gift that your charity can receive?
Do you need the tax credit today?
Can you use the full deduction if taken at death?
Do you want flexibility in naming which charity receives the donation?
Do you want to retain control of your capital in a tax-advantaged insurance program? 
For more information on Planned giving using life insurance, we can provide a strategy that can work for you.
Simply dial 416-835-8805 for details.


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