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Making a Disability Insurance Claim

It happened without warning. Now you’re ill or injured and you can’t work. And while the doctor says you’re likely to make a full recovery, the hard reality is that you’ve lost your ability to earn an income and you’re wondering how you’ll pay bills, let alone save for your children’s education or fund your retirement.

We’re here to help

The disability insurance policy can make all the difference in helping you meet your financial obligations … so you can focus on what really matters: returning to a full and active life.

Our Commitment to You 

To provide superior customer service through prompt handling of your disability insurance claim by:
■ Empathetic, clear and compassionate communication
■ Fair determination and payment of benefits
Making a disability insurance claim –
what you need to do:
1. Notify your advisor as soon as possible after you become ill or injured. Your advisor will review your disability insurance policy with you and will help you navigate through the disability insurance claims process.
2. Contact the claims team so that we can send you or your advisor the appropriate claim forms and information to help guide you through the claims process.


When you call, please have the following information ready:

■ Policy number(s)

■ Full name of the insured person as it appears on the policy

■ Date of illness or injury onset
3. Complete the claim forms we send you. Your advisor will be happy to help guide you through the paperwork; however, it’s very important that you and your physician personally complete the claim forms, and we receive detailed answers to every question. In addition, please include all test results that support your disability when you send in your claim forms so that we can evaluate your claim more quickly and fairly.
The section on the claim forms about occupational duties is very important. We use the information you provide to understand the type of work you normally do. More information means that we can evaluate your claim quickly and fairly.
4. Send us your completed claim forms as soon as possible. Your advisor can help by sending in the paperwork for you. We’ll begin reviewing your claim right away (even before the waiting period is completed1). Again, your claim will go more smoothly if you provide us with as much information as possible – as soon as possible.
5. Visit your physician regularly. In order to qualify for disability insurance benefits, you must be under the regular care and attendance of a physician appropriate for the treatment of your disability. It is important that you visit this physician often for proper treatment. Please keep us informed of changes in physician, treatment plan, frequency of visits or your physical condition.
6. Continue to pay your disability insurance premiums while we review your claim. Once your claim is approved, and if you’re disabled beyond the length of time specified in your policy, we’ll waive the disability insurance premiums during your disability. You may even
receive a refund of premiums paid since your disability began.

What happens next? 

We may need more information. If we have asked your physician for medical information, or arranged for an independent medical examination, it can take a few weeks to get these reports back. In some cases, we may ask you for proof of your income, monthly expenses, occupational duties or activities.
In the meantime, so that you can avoid any further delays, we’ll continue to process your claim while we wait for this additional information (and in some cases we may make payments conditionally).
When will you receive your first disability payment?
Your first benefit payment is payable one month after the end of the waiting period. Your advisor can tell you what the waiting period is or you can refer to your disability insurance policy for more details.
Once your claim is approved, we’ll make the monthly payments by electronic funds transfer so you automatically have the funds in hand on the due date.
We’ll deal directly with you. You’ll have a chance to ask questions every step of the way. We’ll send your advisor copies of all meaningful correspondence that we have with you so your advisor is up to date on the status of your claim.

Your personal information is secure.

Your privacy is important to us and we keep the information we gather strictly confidential and use it only for the purposes specified in the application for your policy. These purposes include underwriting and administering your insurance policy and paying claims. For more information on our Privacy Policy,
Simply dial 416-835-8805 for details.
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