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Income Replacement for Health Care

As a health care professional, have you ever considered what would happen to you if you were unable to work? Where would the money come from to maintain your current standard of living? If you are juggling a busy professional practice, how could you keep your practice running when you are on your own?

Manulife provides a wide variety of high quality living benefits products to protect your lifestyle if you get sick or hurt. Proguard Series is a comprehensive income replacement plan with competitive premiums and innovative features such as:

Catastrophic Disability Benefit 

This benefit provides you an extra 25% of the monthly benefit amount to cover the additional cost of care associated with a catastrophic disability.

Health Protection Rider* 

This rider is offered to medical or dental specialists whose work involves invasive procedures and contact with bodily fluids. It protects your income during the asymptomatic phase of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV), Hepatitis B (HBV) or Hepatitis C (HCV) if you are prevented from working due to legal or regulatory restrictions. Our Enhanced version protects you if you voluntarily restrict your practice because of the real or perceived risk of transmitting the virus to your patients.

Own Occupation Rider* 

This rider waives the requirement that you must not be working in order to receive total disability benefits. In other words, the “own occ” definition of total disability means that injury or sickness prevents you from performing the substantial duties in which you were engaged at the start of disability, even if you subsequently start a new career.

Automatic Coverage Enhancements (ACE)* 

This built-in enhancement will automatically increase your Monthly Benefit each year by 5% - a quick and easy way to purchase additional coverage.

Additional Insurance Rider (AIR)* 

The rider allows you to purchase additional insurance without evidence of good health when your income increases more dramatically, for example due to rapid business expansion. A special double option is also available within 90 days if you lose your group insurance.

New Graduate Limits 

We waive the normal income requirements for recent graduates in many professional occupations.

Causes of Disability 

This chart shows the cause of disability for professional and executive clients currently* on claim with Manulife Financial. Musculoskeletal problems and mental disorders account for the majority of disability claims.
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