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Synergy Solution Taxation Q & A
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Jake Jun Qiao, Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), Member of Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT). Please contact me for any financial planning inquires.


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How it all comes together – Meet Ryan

Ryan is 40 years old when he purchases $250,000 of Synergy. Eight years later he’s injured, can’t work and claims a monthly benefit on his disability insurance policy. Over the course of his time off work, Ryan receives monthly disability benefits totaling $22,500. His available amount of insurance is now $227,500.
If Ryan dies before his Synergy solution expires at age 65 and he doesn’t make another claim on his Synergy solution, the death benefit for his life insurance policy is 100% of his available amount of insurance: $227,500.
The unique pool of money concept provides different benefits than owning three separate products. But that’s the point. By using the pool of money approach, Synergy can provide solid insurance protection at an affordable price.

Value-added benefits 

Synergy not only offers comprehensive insurance protection for life’s everyday risks, it provides you with added value:
- Your Synergy premium is waived while you’re on claim for a disability.

Access to Health Service Navigator® 

Health Service Navigator is an integrated health information and online resource centre offering access for you and all eligible family members to information about the Canadian health care system and a worldclass medical second opinion service.
What’s also great about Health Service Navigator is you don’t have to make a claim to use it. The service is available as soon as you have your Synergy solution.

Insurance protection into the future 

Your Synergy solution expires at age 65. But we want to make sure you have an option to protect your loved ones well into the future. That’s why Synergy gives you the option to purchase a Manulife permanent life insurance product if you have an available amount of insurance remaining when your Synergy solution ends at age 65 – no medical underwriting required!*
The amount of permanent insurance you can purchase – without medical underwriting – is limited to your remaining available amount of insurance and Manulife’s minimum limits for the product you choose.
Now it’s your turn to start talking
We think you’ll agree that Synergy is worth talking about.
Contact me at 416-835-8805 to start the Synergy conversation – it may be one of the most important conversations of your life.
For your future
When you choose Manulife, you're choosing a strong, reliable and trustworthy company that's been providing forward-thinking financial solutions for Canadians for more than 120 years. You can rest assured that we're here for you today ... and for your future.
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