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Top 10 Reasons of Choosing Long Term Care
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Retirement Income and Long Term Care Insurance

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Top 10 Reasons of Choosing Long Term Care

Here are 10 great reasons to take Sun Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) 

1. Income-Style LTCI Plan

Sun Life Ptfiancial led the way with our income-styte LTCI plaa combining flexibility with simplicity.
Flexibility - the benefit can be used for any purpose
Simplicity - there's no need to submit proof of service 

2. Unlimited Benefit Period Option

While not all clients will need an unlimited benefit period, the vast majority who purchased Sun LTCI have chosen this option. This is an excellent option for clients who are looking for the peace of mind that comes from having access to and unlimited pool of money in case of a prolonged care need.

3. Inflation Protection

This is an often overlooked piece of the LTCI puzzle, but when you're talking about a benefit that may be used decades in the future, it's extremely important. Sun LTCI offers the strongest inflation protection rider with compound accumulation.

4. Spousal waiver benefits

Our unique spousal waiver benefit is favoured by clients. After two policies have been independently in force and without claim for ten years, or after both spouses have reached age 86. if one spouse goes on claim, the other spouse's premiums are waived. Premiums continue to be waived even if the claiming spouse's benefit period expires. If one spouse dies, whettier or not they were on claim at the time, premiums for the surviving spouse are waived.

5. Non-forfeiture benefits

Not all insurers offer non-forfeiture benefits or include home care benefits if they do. With Sun LTCI. if the client is unable to make premium payments, policy provisions may allow an extension of benefits. During the extended term. the benefit amount, benefit period and waiting period do not change.

6. Competitive premiums

When compared with similar style plans. Sun LTCI premiums are very competitive. 

7. Premium guarantee

We have fewer opportunities to change our rates than our competitors. Most insurers guarantee rates for the first five policy years but may change them at any time after that. If we ever change our rates, we can't change them again for at least another five years.

8. Definitions

When it comes to LTCI, definitions make all the difference. For instance, stand-by assistance is part of our definition of physical
dependency. Stand-by assistance means for the insured person to safely and completely perform an activity of daily living
(ADL), another person must be within arm’s reach each time the relevant ADL is performed. Note: Stand-by assistance becomes relevant in situations where a health condition affects the insured's balance. The ADLs affected by balance issues are bathing and transferring.

9. LifestageCare™*

Through our partnership with TakingCare Inc., Sun Life Financial offers access to LifestageCare*1 - a national, bilingual service
available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It provides clients with access to unbiased information about local, qualified health and
personal care providers that meets their individual and family care needs at every stage of life.

10. Experience and strength

Sun Life Financial has been offering LTCI since 1999. Sun Life Financial is a leader as demonstrated through our experience,
strength and consistent majority market share in both in-force and new LTCI premiums. 
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