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If you're investing your company's excess profits, you may be doing just that.

Here's the problem …

In many businesses, the retained profits or surplus cash are invested in GICs or other taxable investments. This is often the case when the owners don't need the extra income and have a higher marginal tax rate than their business. But, what many owners may not realize is that they have made the government a silent partner in their investments since the government will take approximately half of the investment income in tax. Is this the most effective way for your corporation to invest its retained profits?
What are your options?
You can continue to pay tax on the interest earned on your company's invested profits or you can invest these profits using an innovative concept known as Corporate Estate Bond. This attractive alternative to taxable investments is ideal for a corporation or owner who:
■  can benefit from a higher immediate estate value and ultimately from a higher tax-free death benefit paid to heirs,
■  has retained earnings available for investment, and
■  can benefit from a tax-deferred investment.
The best solution ...
The Corporate Estate Bond puts these excess profits to work in an exempt life insurance policy. Limited Pay UL, a universal life products, provides immediate life insurance protection and an investment that accumulates within the policy on a
tax-deferred basis. When you die, the corporation receives the proceeds of the policy tax free, plus a credit to its capital dividend account (under current tax laws). Capital dividends may then be paid out to your estate tax-free. The Corporate Estate Bond, using Limited Pay UL, allows you to move corporate investment dollars from a tax-exposed environment to a tax-deferred one, maximizing the amount that
is available to your estate.

Today's guarantees and flexibility bring tomorrow's peace of mind

Limited Pay UL is a universal life plan for people who want to finish paying for their life insurance protection within a certain time period. Easy to understand and manage, it offers permanent insurance protection with guaranteed insurance costs, guaranteed cash values, choice of payment periods and opportunities for tax-deferred growth in a variety of investment options.
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