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Jake Jun Qiao, Certified Financial Planner (CFP), Chartered Life Underwriter (CLU), Member of Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT). Please contact me for any financial planning inquires.


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Would you like to give more?If your answer is “yes,” you might want to consider an Estate Bond.

Here’s the problem…
Like many of us, your financial plan may include an element of savings that you never plan to spend.You have invested some money that you intend to pass on to those you care about most.
The problem is this strategy’s success is largely based on the investment’s rate of return. And, unfortunately, the higher the return, the more tax you pay. This means your estate may end up smaller than you’re anticipating.

What are your options?

You can continue to pay tax on the income earned from your savings or you can invest the funds using a financial planning strategy known as Estate Bond.
This attractive alternative to taxable investments offers:
■ a large, immediate estate value
■ tax-sheltered growth of cash values
■ a tax-free maturity value at death
■ reduced estate settlement costs, if you’ve named a beneficiary
■ potential for creditor protection, if you’ve made an appropriate beneficiary designation
■ liquidity, if you require it.
The Estate Bond solution …
The Estate Bond moves savings from a tax-exposed investment to an exempt life insurance policy. Limited Pay UL, Manulife’s universal life product provides immediate life insurance protection and an investment within the policy that accumulates on a tax-deferred basis. When you die, your heirs receive the proceeds tax free.
When you take advantage of the Estate Bond financial planning strategy, you not only increase the size of your estate, you also reduce the amount of tax you pay.
Today’s guarantees and flexibility bring tomorrow’s peace of mind
Limited Pay UL is a universal life plan for people who want to finish paying for their life insurance protection within a certain time period. Easy to understand and manage, it offers permanent insurance protection with guaranteed insurance costs, guaranteed cash values,
choice of payment periods and opportunities for tax-deferred growth in a variety of investment options.
Customize a life insurance solution that’s right for your lifestyle, budget and financial goals by adding extra features such as a Term Insurance Rider, Child Protection Rider, Business Value Protector Rider or a Total Disability Waiver Rider at any time.
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