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A Smart Choice For Your Children
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A Smart Choice For Your Children

Coverage that protects your child every step of the way

Covered illnesses:
• Cancer
• Deafness
• Heart attack
• Heart valve replacement
• Stroke
• Coronary artery bypass surgery
• Kidney failure
• Loss of limbs
• Acquired brain injury
• Loss of speech
• Major organ failure on waiting list
• Loss of independent existence
• Major organ transplant
• Aortic surgery
• Motor neuron disease
• Alzheimer's disease
• Aplastic anemia
• Multiple sclerosis
• Bacterial meningitis
• Occupational HIV infection
• Benign brain tumour
• Paralysis
• Parkinson’s disease
• Blindness
• Severe bums
• Coma

Childhood illnesses and conditions:

Cerebral palsy
Congenital heart disease
Cystic fibrosis
Muscular dystrophy
Type 1 diabetes mellitus

Diagnosis of any of these four conditions will lead to a partial payout: 

Cancer - ductal carcinoma in situ of the breast
Cancer - stage A (Tla or Tib) prostate cancer
Cancer - stage 1A malignant melanoma
Coronary angioplasty

The ongoing health of children is important. 

That's why we are leading the way by including coverage for acquired brain injury in Critical Illness Insurance for children.
An acquired brain injury can occur suddenly, can be life-changing, and can have a physical, emotional and financial impact.
As a parent, you do everything you can to protect your children. But accidents happen. Children can be particularly vulnerable to sustaining an acquired brain injury. A car accident, a fall from a bicycle, a hit to the head while playing sports are just some of the risks from everyday activities that could lead to a brain injury.

Protect your children and your finances 

You are saving and planning for your children’s future and you want what’s best for them. But what would happen if one of your children developed a serious illness?
Fortunately, advances in medicine mean treatments are better and more people are surviving serious illnesses than ever before. Health care costs continue to rise and we can expect that we’ll have to pay more of those costs. Recovery from an illness can be stressful and expensive.
You'll want to take time off work to focus on your child and their needs instead of worrying about lost income and increased medical expenses. 

You’re saving for your childrens future

If one of your children was diagnosed with a serious illness it could change your financial plans, your family’s lifestyle and the plans you have for your children’s future.
Ask yourself these questions:
Would you be able to afford time away from work to help care for your child?
How would you pay for the type of treatment that’s best for your child?
Could you cover any costs that aren’t covered by other medical plans?
Would you be able to continue saving for your child’s education or your retirement?
You can protect your family and your finances with Critical Illness Insurance. It pays a lump sum benefit if your child is diagnosed with a covered illness and survives the waiting period. The benefit can help ease the financial impact that a serious illness would have on your family and your day-to-day lives.

A plan that grows with them

Critical Illness Insurance can provide your child with protection at every stage in life. It covers specific childhood illnesses as well as acquired brain injury and loss of independent existence.
And when your child turns 18, you may apply to add a conversion option to give them the ability to convert all or a portion of the coverage to long term care insurance later in life.
Choosing Critical Illness Insurance when your children are young means:
your child gets their own coverage and they do not need to re-apply as an adult,
lower premium payments are locked in,
a return of premium option that can guarantee a significant amount of money back without cancellation of the plan, and
access to expert medical information through Best Doctors® services.

Get 75% of your premiums back

One of the smartest choices you can make for you and your children is to include the return of premium option. This optional benefit gives you the opportunity to get 7S% of the premiums back if a claim has not been made. After age 25 you automatically receive a lump sum payment and your child’s coverage continues.
You get peace of mind knowing your child is covered in case of an illness, and the money is returned to you when your child may be paying off a student loan or buying their first home.
If the policy is cancelled at a later date, you may be eligible to get the rest of your premiums back.
Simply dial 416-835-8805 for details.


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