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Group Benefit
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Group Critical Illness Insurance for Small Business
Features That Help Small Business Owners Manage Costs
Comprehensive Benefit Solutions for Small Business
Attract the best employees and build a better business

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Comprehensive Benefit Solutions for Small Business

 The AlphaPlus Advantage 

The AlphaPlus® Employee Benefits Program is designed to meet the unique needs of Canada’s small businesses. Here are a few of the small business solutions that are helping to separate AlphaPlus from the rest of the pack:

1. Workplace Advisor

• Manage employee issues, help reduce absenteeism and foster productivity with this employee assistance program that is available to all AlphaPlus groups – it’s a great program that offers access to short-term counselling for employees, plus training and online tools for managers.

2. Health Service Navigator®

• Help plan members become more engaged in their health care management with Health Service Navigator. All AlphaPlus groups now have access to this one-stop customer care centre and website that provides resources to help plan members navigate the Canadian health care system, as well as search databases for doctors and health care facilities, integrated health tips and tools, medical condition information and access to world-class doctors for second opinions.

3. Personal Benefits

• Offer supplementary coverage to your clients with no additional cost or administration. With Personal Benefits, plan members can purchase portable life or critical illness coverage and Manulife Financial takes on the administration and bills the plan member directly.

4. Health eLinks®

• Support employee health and wellness by harnessing the internet with Health eLinks – an online resource of health care-related information.

5. Online Claims Submission

• Take advantage of the added convenience of submitting claims online and help plan members avoid delays in payment.

6. Customer Care

• Get answers quickly with an entire network of people and technology designed to handle all the details for you and your clients. Administrators and members have access to plan information online or professional, customer-focused service through our Customer Service Centre - a fast response with a personal touch.

7. Plan Design Flexibility

• Get affordable, cost-effective options with the flexibility of AlphaPlus and meet the changing needs of your small business clients.

8. Fraud Prevention

• Take confidence knowing our quality assurance practices will help ensure that your clients’ Group Benefits investments are being managed wisely. Dedicated to being an industry-leader in fraud prevention, at Manulife Financial our focus on prevention means suspicious claims are investigated up-front, before the claim is paid and before it costs clients money.

Small business owners gain:

• a competitive edge in the job market
• an affordable way to help protect employees and their families
• a tax-effective form of compensation

Who is eligible?

• Businesses with 2 – 24 employees
• Employees must work at least 20 hours per week, at least 45 weeks per year (options include 20, 25 or 30 hours of work per week)
• Various waiting periods available ranging from nil to 6 months
• Two employee classes available (subject to Manulife Financial underwriting guidelines) 

Participation Requirements

Size of Group Cost Paid by…
2-9 employees 
• Employer
• Employer and Employee
10-24 employees • Employer 100%
• Employer and Employee 75%
• Employees may waive Extended Health Care and/or Dental Care benefits if covered under a spousal benefit program.

Base Benefits

• Employee Life Insurance
• Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)
• Extended Health Care (EHC)
• Emergency Travel Assistance - travel and health advice assistance
• Workplace Advisor
• Health Service Navigator

Additional Benefits

• Dependant Life Insurance
• Extended Health Care options:
- Hospital (semi-private or semi-private plus chronic care)
- Pay-direct drug card
- Deferred drug card
- Vision care
• Dental care
• Short Term Disability (STD)
• Long Term Disability (LTD)
• Health Care Spending Account (HCSA)
• Personal Benefits
- Personal Life Insurance
- Personal Critical Illness Insurance
• Personal Health Assessments

Employee Life Insurance

Plan design options:
• Flat amounts (in increments of $5,000)
• Multiples of annual earnings (1x, 2x, or 3x)
Minimum benefit: $10,000
Maximum benefit: $1,000,000
Other features/options:
• Compassionate Assistance program - provides an advance loan on an employee’s group Life Insurance benefit when terminally ill
• Coverage usually reduces by 50% at age 65 and terminates at age 70
• Additional option to reduce benefit to $5,000 at age 70 and
terminate at age 75
Non-evidence limits (NEL) for policies not requiring medical evidence
of insurability:

Benefit Overview – 

Base Benefits 

# Employees Non-Evidence Limit*
2 – 4 employees $100,000
5 - 6 employees $150,000
7 - 9 employees $150,000 - $175,000
10 – 19 employees $150,000 – $210,000
20 – 24 employees $175,000 – $245,000
*In a change of carrier situation, grandfathering of current insured amounts available upon request and subject to underwriting approval.


Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)
Same as the Employee Life Insurance benefit (e.g. if Employee Life
Insurance is flat $50,000, then AD&D is flat $50,000).
Note: AD&D coverage terminates at age 70 in all cases.
Workplace Advisor
Workplace Advisor provides an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that
is designed to support small business owners. The service includes
unlimited access to most forms of short-term counselling for employees,
as well as the following additional features:
• toll-free access to manager coaching to assist with addressing employee issues that surface in the workplace
• online Human Resource library
• online courses for leaders and plan members
• online eldercare/childcare search
• a trauma response service

Health Service Navigator 

Health Service Navigator is an innovative service that provides employees with a one-stop consolidated access point for:
• integrated health tips and tools
• medical condition information
• resources to help navigate the Canadian health care system
• access to world-class doctors for second opinions on serious illnesses.
The service is easy to access, reliable, up-to-date and available with the click of a mouse or a simple phone call.
Drug Plan Type • Reimbursement Drugs • Pay-direct drugs (drug card) or
Deferred Payment
Drug Plan Basis • Brand drugs or provincial formulary
• option to include vaccines
• Brand or generic drugs or provincial formulary
• option to include vaccines Deductible • $0, $25/$25, $25/$50, $50/$50,
$50/$100, $100/$100, $150/$300,
$200/$300 (single/family)
– applies to prescription drugs and professional services
• Per prescription deductible: Flat - $0, $1-$10
• Percentage – 10%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 32%, 40%, 50%
• Dispensing fee – total dispensing fee; $5 or $7 fee cap
• Combination - % combined with dispensing fee Reimbursement 
• 50%, 60%, 68%, 70%, 75%, 80%, 90%, 100%
• See above
Drug Maximum • Unlimited, $1,000, $5,000, $10,000 per calendar year Extended Health Care - Standard Features
All plans include:
• prescription drugs (optional exclusions may apply)
• professional services (e.g. chiropractors)
• private duty nursing – up to $10,000 per calendar year
• hearing aids – up to $500 per 5 calendar years
• ambulance services
• emergency out-of-Canada treatment - $5,000,000 lifetime maximum
• 2-year survivor dependant benefit
• Emergency Travel Assistance – travel and health advice assistance
• 3-month deductible carry-forward
• unlimited overall maximum
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Extended Health Care – Optional Features
Benefit Overview –
Additional Benefits
Dependant Life Insurance
Plan design options:
• Spousal benefit amounts from $5,000 - $25,000 in $5,000 increments
• Child benefit amount – 50% of the spousal amount
• Termination age – choice of 65 or 70 (must match STD benefit if elected)
Simply dial 416-835-8805 for details.
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