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Non-Medical Insurance
Why Should You Consider a No Medical Insurance Plan?

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Why Should You Consider a No Medical Insurance Plan?
  • You've been turned down for insurance before
  • You're hard to insure
  • You're overweight
  • You smoke
  • You have high blood pressure
  • You don't like needles or medical exam

No medical life insurance means that when you apply for coverage, no one will request a medical report from your doctor and you will not be seen by a nurse or paramedic during the application process (meaning no painful needles or intrusive medical tests). No medical insurance policies only require you to answer a few simple questions. Individuals aged 20 to 80 can apply for up to $225,000 of coverage and premiums are guaranteed. Our rates may also be more than 30% lower than comparable plans.

The benefits of life insurance are tax-free and can be used at critical times to:

  • Pay off loans and mortgages
  • Pay medical expenses
  • Fund a child's education
  • Cover your family's living expenses
  • Cover final expenses 

You can never foresee injury, illness or death and the proceeds from an insurance policy can be crucial during times of need.

No medical plans include free benefits such as terminal illness benefits and transportation benefits. Also available are optional benefits that can be added to your policy including: Child Term Benefit that provides life insurance for your children, Accidental Death Benefit that provides additional coverage of up to $250,000 if death is accidental.

 Best of all, benefits are TAX-FREE, providing your loved ones with CASH when they need it most.

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